For your iPhone and iPod Touch

WEPGen - a simple, useful WiFi utility.
Don't be without it!

  • New: Larger higher-contrast easy-to-read lettering.
  • New: More 64 bit keys for other/alternate routers.
  • New: Single Tap copies the key to the pasteboard.
  • Generate 64 and 128 WEP keys for use with wireless routers.
  • Works offline! Use copy and paste to set up wireless security.
  • Defacto standard generator for WEP - as used by most routers.
  • Read more about it [here] and [here].
  • Click [HERE] for a short video.
  • In the Apple store now! 

Version 1.3: now with single-touch select-all and copy!
Just enter the WEP passpharase and tap the key. The key is copied to the pasteboard and can then be pasted into other apps or the WiFi settings!

Typically the first key is used - try that one first.

iTranquil - Can you achieve tranquility?
  • You can become tranquil - and learn patience too!
  • Rock, Weave and Swivel the iPhone to achieve tranquility.
  • Rendered with OpenGL for an immersive experience.
  • (not published yet - coming soon)

Cribbage board - forget yours at home?

Wanna make some easy money?
Use your memory and stow away some dough!
Check it out HERE
In the AppStore now: MoneyMatch

Just for fun: DefibMe
A buddy just wanted something like this. So I shared it with the world - for free. 
Appstore has it: DefibMe

Got the skills in the fingers?
Be quick about it!